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Price of Digital Photo Restoration Services

Please note – these are guide range prices only. Each photo is unique and all photos are quoted at the time of viewing.

Pricing is generally on a quote by quote basis based on the amount of time the job is estimated to take. The level of damage, the level of repair required, and where the damage is (ie: backgrounds compared to face damage) will influence the quote.

Below is an example of the kinds of prices for digital photo restoration. It is not possible to determine the actual price the job will be without seeing the original photo first from the original or a good quality scan of the original emailed.

A quote is provided free of charge, and the quote will not be changed once the job is agreed. To commence the work, a 40% non-refundable deposit is required.

Please note, these prices exclude printing. It’s also worth noting the the size of the image will affect the amount of time to restore the image, so larger ones will cost more. The price guides below are based on image sizes of 15cm to 20cm wide.
Your quote will include the cost to restore, and will also include your photo on a free USB disk if you spend more than $60.

Minor Photo Restoration – from $29.95 to $59.95

Remove some minor blemishes, small scratches, creases or tears. Some slight fading repair.
(No face damage under this option)
Damage is fairly minimal.

Mid Photo Restoration – from $59.95 to $99.95

Repair & enhance colour fading or discolouration. Remove some moderate blemishes, small scratches, creases or tears. Repair some small areas of missing photo (not on people or faces unless very small. Face repair if the damage is minimal.
Damage is fairly minimal to moderate but all of the photo is intact.

Heavy Photo Restoration – from $99.95 to $159.95

At this price I will repair some missing pieces, repair moderate to heavy scratches, tears, blemishes and also face repair if faces have moderate scratches. Repair colour facing and enhance the image.

Severe Photo Restoration – from $159.95

Repair severe discoloration, replace missing background areas, replace areas of the missing image, face repair and moderate to severe scratches or blemishes.

More Information

Remember, the above is a guide. Photos have to be looked at on a case by case basis and some may not fall under the above categories.

Some photos that are very severely damaged and may appear unrepairable can be partially repaired, other photos that have little to no scratches and blemishes or apparent damage but the subject’s face has severe damage may fall under a Heavy Photo Restoration rather than Minimal or Mid. Faces are the most time consuming repairs. Often if the subject’s face is intact, and the background has some moderate damage, this becomes a less time consuming job to do.

I can also work to a budget – a Severe Photo restoration can just have large scratches removed and leave smaller damaged areas for a cheaper price.

You can drop off your photo and pick-up your finished job, or have your finished job posted back to you.


Your restoration does not include prints as I do not offer the printing as a service. I can arrange them for you from an external provider, however, you will receive a digital copy of your file and are able to use any supplier you choose for printing.

Please note: Prices below are the prices for me to arrange your prints and are priced as such to cover some of my time to arrange the printing, as I do not offer printing directly as a service. You are not obligated to use me, and I do recommended going directly to providers at Riverlink Shopping Centre such as K-Mart, Officeworks, or Heritage City Photos. The prices directly with them will be cheaper than my prices below. Each restoration job I do is provided to you on a CD so you can arrange prints.

10″ x 13″: $59.95 inc GST

12″ x 17″: $64.95 inc GST

16″ x 20″: $74.95 inc GST

20″ x 30″: $95 inc GST

24″ x 30″: $149 inc GST

You receive a digital photo that is sent to you as a download link. Alternatively,  USB drive instead of a print. You can then use this to get as many prints as you like at your favourite photo processing centre.

Delivery Method:

Digital download link for you to download and save the image (free of charge), or if you spend over $60 on digital retouching you will receive your file on a free USB disk.

USB Drive Price: $12.95 inc GST for spends under $60 (or supplied on your own disk or sent to you as a free download link).

Postage (only if required): $6.95 to $14.95 inc GST (price depends on size of parcel. Postage is for return of photo, and inclusion of your CD / USB.) You can collect your finished job if preferred.

GET A FREE QUOTE for your photo restoration job

*Hourly rates are $88 inc GST and should not be compared to a salary rate. They are charges based on costs such as equipment, software, electricity and other consumables as well as manual labour.

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