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Intermediate Workshop

The morning session commences at South bank and after a brief introduction, we will make our way to the Brisbane CBD and then to the Botanical Gardens. We will be taking images with an emphasis on exposure and different metering techniques, and composition and image design.

There will be ample opportunities to take some great photos of the streets, architecture and places of interest.  After a lunch stop, we continue our journey along the river, utilising some new techniques  and advanced composition techniques, with the second half of the afternoon talking us through the Botanical Gardens and surrounds, to capture some nature shots before crossing over the Kurilpa Bridge for some creative, low light,  late afternoon/ early evening shots  to wrap up our exciting day of learning and sharing.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the rules of composition

  • Gain an understanding of  advanced exposure techniques, including priority modes and exposure compensation

  • Utilise advanced composition techniques

  • Understand the different techniques for capturing motion (a variable ND filter would be useful),

  • Master the use of aperture and shutter speed to create different effects,

  • Acquire a knowledge of using flash  and fill flash techniques,

  • Familiarise yourself with controlling light using reflectors, and the basic  use of filters 

What camera and gear you will need:

  • A Digital SLR Camera,

  • or Mirrorless / APS or micro four thirds camera (To ensure you extract the maximum benefit from the workshop)

  • A Tripod

  • Remote release preferred (However, self-timer could be used if unable to bring remote release)

PLEASE check with us prior to booking if you are concerned or have any questions about cameras

Cost - $225 (Class size of 6 required)


7 hour session

15 minute briefing call prior to day


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