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Beginners Workshop

Our beginners photography workshop starts with a morning session consisting of two hours of essential camera theory, where we guide you through the key features of cameras. You will learn how to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO for absolute creative control of the camera and discover how to shoot confidently in the manual mode. You will also learn the basics of composition and image design. After a lunch stop, our application of our learning commences, as we will take a casual walk around the South Bank parklands, which presents many opportunities to explore the different techniques we learned in our morning session, which includes controlling depth of field, capturing moving subjects, using shutter speeds creatively and shooting in low light in the late afternoon.

What you will learn:

  • Learn and understand controlling exposure

  • Gain an understanding of aperture and shutter speeds, their relationship, and how they affect the image

  • Understand  lens focal length and which lenses to use and why, including depth of field

  • Master the use of aperture and shutter speed to create different effects,

  • Acquire a knowledge and understanding ISO, 

  • Familiarise yourself with using the manual focus versus auto, focusing modes and selective focus techniques

  • Basics of composition and image design

What camera and gear you will need:

  • A Digital SLR Camera,

  • or Mirrorless / APS or micro four thirds camera
    (To ensure you extract the maximum benefit from the workshop)

  • A Tripod

  • Remote release preferred (However, self-timer could be used if unable to bring remote release)

Cost - $185 (Class size of 6 required)


7 hour session

15 minute briefing call prior to day


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